Persian and Himalayan Colors and Points

The history of the Persian is filled with romantic images of dusty desert caravans, rare spices on camels and the most precious cargo, an occasional longhair cat. They were called Persian for their "country of origin," but there is references in hieroglypics as early as 1684 B.C.

Persians, with their long flowing coats and open pansy-like faces are the number one breed in popularity. Their sweet, gentle, personalities blend into most households once they feel secure in their new environment. Creatures of habit, they are most at home in an atmosphere of security and serenity, but with love and reassurance, can easily adapt to the most boisterous of households. Their quiet, melodious voices are pleasant and non-abrasive. They communicate delightfully with their large expressive eyes and make charming pets for all ages. Persians have short heavily-boned legs to support their broad, short bodies. They like to have their feet firmly planted and are not given to high jumping and climbing. Playful but never demanding, they love to pose and will drape themselves in a favorite window or chair, enhancing the decor in much the same way as a treasured painting. Persians are tremendously responsive and become a constant source of joy and delight to their owners. Pleasurable as an unexpected sunbeam, their companionship is close and enduring.

Persian Cat Colors

The Colors and patterns of Persians has grown throughout the years and is the most varied of any breed. The colors are divided into solids - black Persian, blue Persian, red Persian and cream Persian and chocolate Persian and white Persian. Other divisions are silver and golden, shaded and smoke, tabby, particolor that includes tortoiseshell "tortie" and chocolate tortie, blue-cream and lilac-cream Persians; and bicolor, which also includes calico. With all the choices available, a Persian cat breeder needs to decide what color they want to specialize in.

We think you'll enjoy looking at some of the Persian kittens we've sold in these colors and learning more about them, and finding the perfect kitten you'll love for years.

Himalayan Cat Color-Points

The Himalayan is one of the most popular of all Persians. The Himalayan can be a: chocolate point Himalayan, seal point Himalayan, lilac point Himalayan, blue point Himalayan, flame (red) point or cream point Himalayan, tortie point Himalayan, blue-cream, chocolate-tortie, lilac-cream, seal lynx, blue lynx, red lynx, cream lynx, tortie lynx, blue-cream lynx, chocolate lynx, lilac lynx, chocolate-tortie lynx and lilac-cream lynx. Color is restricted to the facial mask and extremities with the body of various shades of white to fawn. Himalayans were developed by breeding Persians to Siamese to combine the Siamese point coloring with Persian type. After many years of cross breeding they were approved as accepted color variations of Persians. All must have deep vivid blue eyes as eyes other than blue are a disqualification.

We think you'll enjoy looking at some of the Himalayan kittens we've sold in these colors and learning more about them, and finding the perfect kitten you'll love for years.

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