Tortie Point Himalayan Kitten

The Himalayan kitten with the unique "blotches" on her face and paws is the tortoiseshell or "tortie" point Himalayan. Himalayan breeders love having a tortie in their midst, as they are considered the "rainbow" of Himalayan points. A Tortie can throw more colors than any other Himalayan pointed cat. What's really fun is that like a calico, each tortie has it's own unique pattern of colors. Tortie points that are chocolate visuals are called chocolate tortie point Himalayans.

Comments about Tortie Point Himalayan Kittens we've sold are below:

 tortie point Himalayans

"Dear Shannon,I want to take a moment to thank you for all of your wonderful help and advise. As you know, when we lost our Golden Retriever, Zoe, we were heart broken to say the least. We can never replace her nor would we want to but thanks to Meowhouse we now have a new focus, two to be exact. I first noticed your beautiful cats while passing the hours away on the web. I was immediately taken with a beautiful adult female named Scarlett. When I contacted you I was hoping for one of Scarlett's kittens and never dreamed of ending up with both Mom and baby (Sassy). It was a big undertaking for both of us and we knew it would be a big adjustment coming all the way to Maine from Texas, especially for Scarlett, but thanks to you it went better then I could of asked. You are very knowledgeable about your cats and what to expect from them when they arrive. I also love the weekly progress reports and even a picture or two of the little one as she grew!Scarlett and Sassy are very social and love to be with us. Through all of our chats on line you were always an email away with questions and ideas and still are. You never left me wondering or worrying through the whole process of getting them to me. If anybody is thinking of getting a kitten or an adult from Meowhouse, you can not go wrong. The kittens and adults are beautifully taken care of, very social and come with little care packages and lots of love and purrrrrs. Yes, I know that a new cat purchaser might be a bit leery as was I due to the fact that Meowhouse was so far away and I was trusting you with placing animals into a busy and happy home but I must say that you did it purrrfectly........Everybody that goes through life meets and makes new friends each and everyday. The day that I first emailed you about Scarlett was the day that I made a new friendship with you! Myself and my family would like to thank you for sweet Sassy and Scarlett and all of the wonderful "kitty chats" that we have had over the summer. I know that someday we will be calling on you for another Meowhouse kitten to become part of our family and will highly recommend you to anybody who might be in need of a new special family member to take care of and be loved and loved right back. That is what it is all about!!.." Sincerely, The Page Family Maine

 tortie point Himalayan

"Dear Mom, Just wanted to let you know I am doing fine and am be treated very well. My owner's training is just about complete as he does just about anything I want him to. I especially like waking him up at 5 am and if I don't get his attention I just bite his feet through the covers. Hope everything is going well!" Martha Freckles Seattle, Washington

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