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Persian & Himalayan Kitten Pricing

It has taken me many years to produce the CFA standard (and usually top show) kittens that I am now producing. I tried showing, and I absolutely don't like anything about it. And unfortunately, most top show breeders think if they don't see you in the show halls, then you're just a 'backyard breeder' and won't sell you their lines for breeding. I had a wonderful show breeder, Sue Williams of Scaatycats who after two years of getting to know me, sold me a male, and that seem to open the door to other breeders. Now, just about everyone of my kittens could champion and do more if they were shown. But, my overriding interest is in educating the public on what a Persian/Himalayan should look like...and that has changed from how I thought when I first started this business. My base price is of $1200, which most kittens fall under. I do ask more for rare colors like solid chocolate Persians kittens or chocolate tortie Himalayan cats, or kittens of very high quality or in high demand, such as white Persian kittens. I also charge 50% more of the kitten cost for breeding rights and do not sell rights except on certain occasions when I feel that they'll be going to a small breeder like myself.

You'll be able to find kittens at a lower price. But, I can guarantee you'll not find kittens who have more attention. care and socialization given to them.

I stay very small and don't have the quantity of kittens other breeders might have, so that I can spend the kind of time I think is needed with my feline family. Each cat gets hugged and loved on and played with every single day. I stay small that no one feels neglected, which I think can happen, if the "cat to people" ratio is too high! I think the reason my kittens seem to make such incredible, loving pets is that I spend so much time with them every day. Each new baby is handled, talked to and physically loved, in order that they love that human connection. I purposely introduce them to loud noises like the vacuum and washing machine, along with a very methodical method of weaning as they are growing up in order to make them very well-rounded, socially. I'm really proud that I am able to provide such wonderful companions.

People sometimes respond that the prices are high for "just a cat." But Persians and Himalayans are special in every way; and they live as long as small dogs (longer than large dogs) and are the most wonderful companions. I once figured out all my expenses from city licensing fees, food, advertising, initial vet visit; and if there are no extra expenses, it costs close to $400 to raise a single kitten from birth to the day they're ready to go home. I spend more than $60 per week per litter during the weaning process (which is about 7 weeks) feeding them the raw chicken and kitty bloom that I use. Besides the money, the time to give to each person from the initial phone call or email, along with the kittens, the time it takes to keep everyone clean and fed, take GOOD pictures (have you ever tried to take pictures of a kitten?) and attend to this website is more than people would guess. As a single mom, this is my contribution to my retirement. It is a business, and like any business I do my best in every way for it. And like any business, it requires a high level of viligence, time, and hard work in making it successful. Recently, I figured all my expenses and time, and I make about $20 an hour at this! It's my understanding that the average time someone endeavors to be a quality breeder is five years. I can understand why.

And I endeavor to give that same care and attention to the people getting a . My favorite part is the joy I'm able to provide. I understand this is a large purchase, but more importantly, a very exciting time! I love sharing in that time and I think if you asked the people who have dealt with me, they would tell you that I always gave them the attention they deserved. Even after the deposit has been placed on a kitten, I stay in close touch with each family, sending updated pictures of the baby every couple of weeks or so, as time permits; so the growth can be seen and recorded.

Probably 30% of the homes my babies go to are homes that have lost a beloved family member...another Persian or Himalayan. And over and over again, the age that they seem to live to is 16 years..sometimes even 20 years! I do give a one-year health guarantee against anything genetic, but if something tragic happened within the first 5 years, I would do my best to replace the kitten at a reduced price; and to work with the family. Thank goodness, this is has happened only a few times, and I think my customers know that I am committed to them, even after the sale.

In addition to the comments people have submitted to me, I am happy to forward you emails from people who have bought kittens, and the phone number of my vet. It's important that you know how committed a breeder is, not only to the adults and babies, but the customers we're serving.

Shipping; because of the new laws, I will need to discuss with each new owner.

$400 will reserve the kitten of your choice - which is nonrefundable, but of course, goes toward the price of your kitten. The balance must be paid in full, two weeks prior to the shipping date. You may pay by a postal or grocery store money order, or PayPal (4% additional fee for PayPal transactions). If balance is not sent within that time frame, the kitten may be resold without any return of the deposit.

All deposits are taken in good faith, and the kitten is then taken off the market and no longer available for anyone else. Under NO circumstances will any deposits be returned, so please make sure that you want your kitten!

Kittens can only be reserved for three days without a deposit.

Kittens are usually available at 10 to 12 weeks. They will be fully weaned and litter box trained and have had their first AND possibly, second set of shots, visit with my vet, and been wormed twice. They will also have had a couple of baths, manicures, and lots of practice using a scratching post! I strive to have your baby fully socialized and be used to the necessary grooming.

I do have the right to refuse a sale and will promptly refund any deposit, if the situation arises.

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