Lynx point Himalayan

Lynx point" Himalayan cats actually refer to the pattern of this Himalayan. A lynx point can come in all the colors that "regular" Himalayan kittens come in. The lynx point was produced by Himalayan breeders , by mating a Himalayan with a tabby Persian. You can tell a lynx point by the "M" pattern on the front of the head, the subtle "stripes" on the face, tail and legs, and by the white "border" around the ears. Their noses and paw pads will differ depending on the actual color of the lynx point. Meow House will soon have a wonderful variety of lynx points to buy.

Comments from customers that have bought Lynx Point Himalayan's from us are below:

 blue lynx point Himalayan

"Hi Shannon, Well, we have had Suzette for three days now, and we have fallen in love with her! She went to our vet yesterday and got another shot. All is well. She and 'Max' are still doing the kitty/cat dance with no problems. She is learning her new environment and hasn't yet explored the whole house. She is eating wet food as well as her dry and has a great burst of energy after she eats. She gets very rambunctious and runs in and out of rooms. She can be very silly. She has several new toys she likes and is a very busy kitty! We still have not chosen a new name, Mike and I can't agree on one or someone else is named that. But soon we will find the perfect name for her. Hope all is well with you and 'meowhouse kittens'. We will send pictures soon. I want to have one with both Max and Suzette in the picture." Latricia Santa Fe, New Mexico

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