Lilac point Himalayan

If you're looking for even more unusual Himalayan kitten for sale , choose the lilac point Himalayan. The lilac gene is the dilute of the chocolate gene, and since it's recessive, it is more difficult to produce. Himalayan kitten breeders get quite excited when one of their "Mamas" produce one of these beautiful babies. This color is almost the lightest of a Himalayan kitten available. The body color will stay a crisp white color, with the points being a warm, almost "pinkish" grey. The lilac point will have blue eyes, a purpleish nose and warm pink paw pads. It's not too often that Meow House has this rare color, but they are available for purchase sometimes...and they go fast!

Customers that have bought Lilac Point Himalayan cats from us have had this to say:

 lilac cream Himalayan

"Dear Shannon: I took Mao to the vet last Saturday and he gave her a clean bill of health. He ex-rayed her and said that her body is perfect. She has the most wonderful personality and is both playful and docile at the same time. She and my Shih Tzu are having a love affair. Belle thinks that Mao is hers. I think she has definitely grown and her fur is just beautiful. Her points are becoming more pronounced and her nose is purple. We just love her and she is everything that we would have wanted and more. Thank you!" Robin Rednor New York

 lilac point Himalayan

"Dash (Sweet William) in April 2006, and I keep thinking of what a blessing he has been to our family. I am so thankful for him and for Shannon! I cannot begin to say how wonderful he is so lovable and sweet and fun. He's had glowing reports from the vet at his well kitty checks & vaccination visits, and we've had no problems whatsoever with his health or behavior. He likes to be with us wherever we are. As I write this, he's sprawled out in his kitty bed on my desk napping. He's right in the thick of things when our children are playing even jumps into our toddler daughter's crib first thing each morning when he hears her wake up! And he loves to play in the backyard (it's fenced in) with our other cat, Violet, and hide under bushes to watch the birds and squirrels. Dash is an absolute joy and I am so glad that I chose him! Shannon runs an outstanding and honest cattery and I wish I could bring home about ten more of her kittens! I will be more than happy to be used as a reference for anyone wanting to know more about Meow House kittens." Tammy Ommodt

 lilac cream Himalayan

"Dear Shannon, Just wanted to send you a wee message to let you know that "Wishes", or "Fiona" as I am calling her, is doing just grand. When the Continental baggage handler who released her to me told me that he thought she had bonded instantly with me, I think he was absolutely right. And, it has worked both ways. This beautiful, loveable little furball has become my precious companion. Although it was very important to me that you stressed the socialization skills before you send your kitties to their forever home, I have to say that I was unprepared for how quickly Fiona acclimatized to her new home and to me, and how readily she takes to friends who come to visit. They think she is adorable and amazing--and, she is! Last night after playing energetically with the well-behaved children of a close friend of mine (who brought her some kitty toys), she then got up into the lap of the six year old boy and promptly fell asleep. It was so cute! At night she sleeps in my bed, and actually, while I am home, she is never far from my side. And, yes, Shannon, when you said that she will talk to you and let you know she wants to be with you, that is absolutely true. Fiona has definitely been the best medicine to help me cope with losing both my kitty "Heather" and my dear sister since August." Catriona Wardlaw

 lilac point Himalayan

"Hi Shannon, Hope all is well. Here is a picture of Romeo. As you will see, he is becoming so beautiful and is the sweetest cat. He is so great with my girls, especially the 3 year old. He takes rides in the baby carriage, wrapped in a baby blanket and doesn't say a word. I can't believe it. His fur is soo soft. He hasn't been any trouble at all... He has free rein of the house. He loves to sit on top off our leather sofa. It is his favorite spot and he must be with you constantly.. The only time he meows is when he can't find you... He hates to be alone and that suits us just fine. Even my husband, who is not a cat person, loves to play with him. He was "fixed" not long ago and made it just fine. The vet. staff wanted to keep him, but my girls said NO WAY.... He has been the best addition and the perfect fit for our family...I know we are so lucky that he is so great. None of my friend's cats come even close. I am so glad we found you. You really got him socialized and ready for our family... Thanks so much...." Suzanne Moore Huntsville, Alabama

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