Lilac Persian

Rarest, as all who have Persian kittens for sale will tell you, is the lilac Persian. Not only must both parents carry the chocolate gene, they also need to carry the dilute of the chocolate gene! Just like blue is the recessive (dilute) of the black gene, lilac is the recessive (dilute) gene of chocolate. So, most Persian cat breeders are very excited when a lilac Persian kitten is born! The color has an almost pinkish cast to it. The kitten's nose and paw pads will look purple!

Customers that have bought Lilac Persian Kittens from me just love them, read some comments below:

 lilac Persian

"Shannon,I wanted to write and thank you for such a wonderful experience with the purchase of our first persian baby. I had so many questions, and I knew the moment I spoke with you that you were the breeder that I wanted to deal with. You never minded taking all of the time I needed both through e-mail and phone conversations to answer any questions I had. It was so obvious to me that you truly love each and every one of your cats. Liam, who we now call Jax, is absolutely beautiful. He is so loving and mellow. He adjusted right away to our home and went straight to his litterbox with no problems. I know in the future you will be the only breeder we ever go to for another baby." Jennifer Suire Louisiana

 lilac Persian

"Shannon, CoCo is doing great. She is the Queen of the castle!!! She is such a people cat. She can't stand it if she is not in the middle of whatever the family is doing. We all love her. I will be happy to write a recommendation. I show others your website all the time. They love seeing the pictures. (update) Shannon, Life with Coco is so much fun. She has such a fun personality. She wakes me in the morning and follows us to bed at night. Wherever we are she is there. You can tell she is very content and happy. She is definately one of our family and we all agree. As you can tell from the picture she is the Queen of the castle." Sincerely, Trudy

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