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The Range of Himalayan Breeders

Since all Himalayan kittens for sale are actually a type of Persian, this discussion on the types of Himalayan kittens that are being bred, is the same for Persian kittens. The more traditional Himalayan cat has the longer nose and was the standard many years go. Since then, the CFA standard has changed. The Himalayan (and Persian) has become more cobby with shorter legs. Their ears have gotten smaller and their nose has gotten higher. So, today both types of Himalayan and Persians are available. The higher nose makes that kitten an "extreme" or "show" quality. The "doll face" (or longer nose) breeders will contend that the longer nose is a healthier nose and causes less eye problems. (One aspect of Persian and Himalayan cat ownership, is sometimes having to clean the protein discharge from the cat's eyes). I honestly have not found that to be the case. All my cats have been very healthy, but I haven't seen any correlation between having to clean eyes and short noses. I have some cats that have longer noses who need their eyes cleaned more often then other cats with short noses, who rarely need their eyes cleaned. My view on the whole "long nose/short nose" issue is that I like them both! I started out thinking the "squishy faces" was strange, strange, strange! But I guarantee you...live with one of those faces for a while, and you'll fall in love! Mainly, I care about how cobby the body, small the ear, and good the coat. So, when you're looking for either Persian or Himalayan kittens for sale , get the kitten and its nose that YOU like! Just make sure you get a written health certificate, and recommendations for prior owners.

Doll Face Himalayan Kittens vs. Show Quality

While show Persian and Himalayan breeders hate the term, "doll face" refers to the more traditional look of this breed, examples of the different looks are to your right. Many people who are new to the Persian world, find doll faces more attractive. I remember thinking, "Yikes!" when I first looked at the more extreme or "show" faces. But, like so many Persian breeders and Himalayan breeders, those little squishy faces really grow on you! The interesting thing is, there can be a mixture of doll face Persians and extreme faces in the same litter. Here are examples of both doll faces and show, or extreme faces. Skye (the blue point Himmy),and Timothy (the solid blue Persian), came from the same litter. Their mom is the show quality blue point Himalayan, Zoe. Personally, I find them both wonderful!

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The following are examples of "doll face" and "Show Quality" Persian & Himalayan kittens

Doll Face Kittens

Doll Face Blue Point Himalayan Kitten Doll Face Blue Point Himalayan Doll Face Chocolate Point Himalayan Kitten Doll Face Chocolate Point Himalayan

Show Quality Kittens

Show Quality Blue Persian Kitten Show Quality Blue Persian Show Quality Blue Point Himalayan Kitten Show Quality Blue Point Himalayan Show Quality Flame Point Himalayan Kitten Show Quality Flame Point Himalayan