Flame Point and Cream Point Himalayan

The Himalayan kitten that has apricot-looking points are called flame point Himalayan. It is really the red gene, "Himalayan" style. If a breeder had Persian kittens from the red gene, they would be solid red; but with a Himalayan kitten, merely the points are red or 'flame.' Just like with the other color genes, the red gene has a dilute "sister" which is called cream. Himalayan breeders will offer a cream point Himalayan if someone wants the lightest color possible in a Himalayan breed. These darling cats will have pink noses and pink paw pads!

People that have bought Flame Point Himalayan's from us have sent in these testimonials:

 flame point Himalayan

"Dear Shannon, Thank you for Nicolas on Fire. I was devastated when my cat of 16 years died from lung cancer, but after receiving Mr. Nicolas, He has brought back the joy that I had with my lst himalayan, Stingray). Nicolas is loving, mischevious, with lots of energy, and has the sweetest disposition one could imagine. He will follow me around the house, and does not like me to be out of his sight. I will send pictures and keep you updated." Charlie Marable MD

 cream point Himalayan

"Wow we got a lot more than we paid for. Boo is part rabbit, computer programmer, paper plastic attack cat, not to mention the most loving snow ball on the planet. See the pictures Boo has made the adjustment very well to life on the 13th floor Down Town Dallas. Every inch of the place is hers. We could not love her more!" Thank You, Michael

 flame point Himalayan

"Hi Shannon, I just wanted to write a little note to let you know how well Winston is doing. He is full of energy and a complete joy to have. From the moment I got him home, he was on the go. I am extremely impressed with how well he interacts with other people and other animals. Everyday it is something new, so he keeps me entertained. Thank you for introducing me to this little bundle of joy." Kindest Regards, Kristy Phillips

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