chocolate point Himalayan

The Himalayan cats that have the most contrast between their Hershey-colored points and their light body coat color is the chocolate point Himalayan. Chocolate points are rare and more valuable because both parents have to carry the chocolate gene in order to produce a "visual" chocolate point Himalayan. Many Himalayan cat breeders do not produce chocolates because of this. A chocolate point should have deep, blue eyes, dark "chocolate" points and pink paw pads.

Following is some comments from folks that love their Chocolate Point Himalayan they've purchased from

 chocolate point Himalayan

"Good morning;"If you are going to buy a cat (as expensive as these cats are), this is the lady to buy them from. I know too well about buying sick cats as this year, I made one of the worst mistakes of my life to date, and bought two cats from a lady here where I live, and they were sold to me with a terminal sickness brought in their DNA. The breeder had to know their mom carrried this sickness and bred her and then sold her kittens this way, so they both passed within 8 months, and this breeder refuses to acknowledge my emails. However, Shannon in Dallas has been a doll through all my ordeal with this other lady. The cat Shannon sold me is healthy, healthy, healthy, and even though he drank, ate, and pottied with the other two sick cats, he never got sick, and is still very healthy and living at home with me. I trust her so much, I just bought another cat from her, which is my cats little brother from a more recent litter and I can't recommend her enough, she's awesome and truly concerned in selling healthy cats." Silky Musmanno-Granados

 black Persian and chocolate Himalayan

"I just want to thank you soo much for my girls. Everyday I have them I fall a little more in love. I have two boys and they always want to hold the kittys, The girls have not scratched or bit either one of them. Precious and Princess just lay there. I cannot believe how beautiful they are. Even more so than any picture I got. Princess is my snuggler. So sweet and always purring. Precious is my stinker, only wants to be held when she feels like it. My husband is not much for cats and he loves them both. He wants precious to be his. And to think he didn't even want her, remember? I know what you mean when you say blacks are hard to photograph. I still yet cannot get a good enough picture of her to save. Thank you soo much for all the info you gave me along the way, answering my e-mails right away, giving me updates on my girls. I could not ask for anything better than what you have given me. I feel like I have found a friend in you and plan to keep in touch and let you know how the girls are doing. I'm soo glad I got them both, would recommend getting two, they are they best of friends and so much fun to watch. Thank You," Salena Blyzes Cape Girardeau, MO

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