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Have you seen calico kittens for sale? They would always have to be a female! It is very rare that a male Persian kitten will come in three colors, which is what makes up a calico. Two colors are called bicolor and girls and boys can be any color in that division. Just like with the solids and pointed Persian and Himalayan kittens, a calico can come in the dominate colors of red, black and white. Persian breeders will tell you that a dilute calico has the recessive gene colors of blue, cream and white. Just like with the solid Persians, a dilute calico is considered more rare. Their noses will be dark, and their paw pads will be light or dark, depending on the surrounding color of the coat. has both calico and dilute calico Persian kittens at times and you're invited to see if you're able to purchase a calico Persian from .

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 calico Persian

"About a year and a half ago I had the pleasure to bring one of Shannon's babies into my life. I searched for days for the perfect place to get him and once I saw how much love was at Meowhouse Kittens, I knew my search was over. His name was Lancelot and I fell in love right away. Shannon kept me updated on everything about him. I couldn't wait for the day I got to bring him home!! I finally met Shannon, and could tell that I had made a perfect decision on Meowhouse Kittens. Shannon is so sweet and loves to see her babies going to good homes!! Lancelot fit right into the family. He was so lovable and gentle. He would purr and give kisses all the time. He was a cat like no other. He was my little man. Unfortunately, he had a chromosome disorder and passed away after about a year. There was no way of knowing or preventing what had happened. It was just one of those things!The next day I emailed Shannon to let her know what happened to him. I wasn't expecting anything in return, I just felt like I would have wanted to know about it if I was in her place. She was so sorry for my loss and offered to replace him. I did not expect this and couldn't believe she was willing to do this. She told me, It feels like the right thing to do, and I stand behind the health of my kittens." I am now the proud owner of a beautiful dark calico girl. Lancelot and her have the same dad and I can see a lot of him in her eyes!! She purrs gives kisses just like he did!! It is wonderful to have a baby back in the house. I am so glad we went with Meowhouse Kittens. Shannon brought love into our home for the second time and she will be the only person I go to for another!! Thanks for everything Shannon; the world would be a better place with more people like you!" - Jesse & Dani

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