Blue Persian

A popular Persian kitten for sale at Meow House is the blue Persian. While there are four colors in the Persian kitten gene pool, each color is divided into a dominate and recessive or dilute gene. The dilute gene of black is blue. Although this color is called blue, the coat is really more of steel grey in color. Since dominate is 'stronger' than a recessive gene, a blue Persian are considered more rare than black. Just like human babies, the blue Persian's eyes will be blue when they are born and gradually turn from blue to green and finally to gold. Persian kitten breeders like often has blue Persians for sale.

Comments about Blue Persians are below:

 blue Persian

Dear Shannon, When I bought TimmyBlu from you, I did not know you at all. As the weeks turned into months, we talked a lot and emailed a lot. You were so helpful. I am so grateful for all your kind words and your willing to share information. I am new in the Cattery business, and it would have been so difficult or nearly impossible to acquire all the information you were willing to help me with. And your email's and pictures of TimmyBlu were wonderful, as he was growing up and getting ready for his "big adventure" his plane ride to Colorado. He is so lovable and sweet. You just can't imagine how much love I get from my TimmyBlu. He is like a little furry rag doll. You can cuddle up with him and give him so many kisses and he just lays there and doesn't mind all the fuss. Thank You for making him the love bug he is. I would buy another one from you in a heart beat. Take Care. I will be forwarding pictures to you soon." Ana Colorado

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