Black Persian Cat

There are basically four gene colors that make up all the colors of Persians and Himalayans. They are black, red, white and chocolate (brown). The black Persian is a favorite of Persian breeders because of its beautiful, solid black coat and gold eyes. Like human babies, they are born with blue eyes. They eventually turn from blue, to green, to gold. This usually takes about 8 months to occur. Sometimes a black kitten's coat will turn white, which is called a 'fever coat.' But, there's nothing harmful or alarming when this happens. Once their kitten coat is grown out, they return to the solid black color. often has these stunning Persian kittens available for purchase and a quick adoption into your family!

Comments from customers that have adopted Black Persian's from me are below:

 black Persian

"To Shannon, I would just like to thank you for everything you did for my little Cosmo before he came to his "forever home". To be honest, I was a little leery purchasing a kitten from someone I didn't know and who was thousands of miles away. Something told me to take a chance and go ahead with it....I couldn't be happier that I did. Every email I sent to you, you responded so quickly which showed me how dedicated you are to your customers. The day I picked up Cosmo from the airport I was worried of how he would handle the 8 hour flight to NY and how he would respond to a stranger. You can tell he was nervous but ever since I picked him up that day, he hasn't stopped purring since. You trained him so well those 9 weeks that you had him. He is great with the litter box, very affectionate, playful, and has some unique personality. If there was one thing I could change about my experience and after being with him, would have to be that I regret not buying another kitten from the same litter. I would highly recommend Meow House to any one who is thinking about purchasing a Persian kitten. Thank you once again for such a wonderful kitten." Sara Catropa Halbrook, New York

 black Persian and chocolate Himalayan

"I just want to thank you soo much for my girls. Everyday I have them I fall a little more in love. I have two boys and they always want to hold the kittys, The girls have not scratched or bit either one of them. Precious and Princess just lay there. I cannot believe how beautiful they are. Even more so than any picture I got. Princess is my snuggler. So sweet and always purring. Precious is my stinker, only wants to be held when she feels like it. My husband is not much for cats and he loves them both. He wants precious to be his. And to think he didn't even want her, remember? I know what you mean when you say blacks are hard to photograph. I still yet cannot get a good enough picture of her to save. Thank you soo much for all the info you gave me along the way, answering my e-mails right away, giving me updates on my girls. I could not ask for anything better than what you have given me. I feel like I have found a friend in you and plan to keep in touch and let you know how the girls are doing. I'm soo glad I got them both, would recommend getting two, they are they best of friends and so much fun to watch. Thank You," Salena Blyzes Cape Girardeau, MO

 chocolate Persian

"Hi Shannon.Thank you so much for all your help. When I realized that now was the time to buy a Persian, something that I have wanted forever, I was so exhausted by site after site of stuff and not so pretty cats. When I came across yours it was so refreshing... simple, informative and aestheticaly pleasing. Then I looked at your cats and previous kitties page and was blown away. Meow house has such a beautiful selection. Picking up Noelle at the airport was a day I had been waiting for for weeks. Take my breath away! She is the cutest chocolate Persian kitty ever...the fluffiest, prettiest, and best smelling kitten perfectly; groomed, toenails clipped and all. And I just have to mention her pink fleecy blanket. Anyway, you have been great. I actually think of you as a friend after our many emails and some phone chats. It is very difficult for me especially, when I am interested in becoming a first time breeder with my first of two Persians, to find someone that will make the time and effort to mentor me along with good ole talk about their experience, breeding facts, etc. You have been so nice and helpful. You say it as it is. You describe your kitties as they are. And I have to say they are everything and more. I'm already planning on another soon. Thank you, Shannon, p.s. and thanks for sharing your other breeder friends with me." Noni Martha's Vineyard

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