Available Persian & Himalayan Kittens For Sale

Here is where you'll find past available Persian kittens and Himalayan kittens at .

The first 2014 babies have arrived! On April 1st (no joke!) Tinsel had 5 Persians. Girls are blue-cream (like Mama), and a black girl. The three boys are cream, chocolate and lilac. I'll be posting their first pictures when their eyes open...around mid April. Stay tuned!

Also, two litters that should be mixed Persian and Himalayan are due in May.

seal point girl available

tortie lynx point Himalayan girl

tortie lynx point point Himalayan girl
birthday 12.30.09

Phoebe is almost five, and still acts like a kitten. She is super affectionate, will climb into my lap and just meditate for hours, and sleeps on my pillow most nights. She's been a great mom, and now it's time to retire her to a loving family.

lilac-cream young adult girl

lilac-cream Persian

lilac-cream Persian
birthday 5.11.11

Cecilia is being retired (Phoebe is her mother). She is a kisser, a talker, and very friendly. She loves to cuddle, and loves to eat! She will make a great companion. I'm offering her at just $200, but her new owners will have to have her spayed.

red tabby boy

red tabby boy

red tabby Persian boy - chocolate carrier
birthday 8.30.13

This little guy has places to go! I could barely get him to be still for a second, but managed to take these pictures. Howard is named after my father, who's a redhead! He's meowhouse's first red tabby. He is very outgoing and lets both me and his mom know when he is hungy! He'll be ready to go the weekend before Thanksgiving.

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