Available Persian & Himalayan Kittens For Sale

Here is where you'll find past available Persian kittens and Himalayan kittens at .

It looks like we may not have any more litters until spring. If we have any surprises in the meantime, you'll be the first to know! Thanks, as always in your interest in meowhouse.

lilac Persian boy

lilac Persian boy boy

lilac persian boy
birthday 08.07.14

Buster is from Bailey and has quite the appetite! He just opened his eyes the day before these first pictures were taken. Of course he'll get furrier and more adorable as the weeks go on. I'll be taking new pictures again in a couple of weeks. He'll be ready to go home after October 25th.

blue lynx point Himalayan boy

blue lynx point Himalayan boy

blue lynx point boy
birthday 06.24.14

Dylan has become available, and is absolutely adorable! He will be available after September 13th.

chocolate Persian adult available

chocolate Persian adult female

chocolate Persian adult
birthday 10.20.06

Cocoabean is an adult with purrfect health. Each year she has two babies and has never had to visit the vet for any issues. Her mom lived until she was twenty! She is a CFA champion, and this picture does not do her incredible gold eyes justice! I want to retire her after her last litter and am willing to give her to the right person. Please call for details.

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