Available Persian & Himalayan Kittens For Sale

Here is where you'll find past available Persian kittens and Himalayan kittens at .

Below are two of Tinsel's babies that are still available. Mixed litters of Himalayans and Persians are coming the last half of May. Thanks for your interest in meowhouse!

black Persian girl available

black Persian girl

black Persian girl
birthday 04.01.14

Black Persians are so beautiful and this girl is especially, but GOSH! are they difficult to photograph with their dark color. At this young age, it's sometimes hard to get them to show off their big eyes! I was impressed with her shiny coat merely hours after she was born. She's the biggest of the group; even bigger than her brothers! She'll be ready to go home around June 17th.

solid chocolate Persian boy

chocolate Persian boy

chocolate Persian
birthday 4.1.14

Chopin is almost as big as his sister, Allegra. He had much to say today during our photoshoot! He loves to have his tummy rubbed (confession: they all seem to love it!) He should have the same incredibly dark gold eyes that both his parents have. He'll be ready to go around June 17th.

red tabby boy

red tabby boy

red tabby Persian boy - chocolate carrier
birthday 8.30.13

This little guy has places to go! I could barely get him to be still for a second, but managed to take these pictures. Howard is named after my father, who's a redhead! He's meowhouse's first red tabby. He is very outgoing and lets both me and his mom know when he is hungy! He'll be ready to go the weekend before Thanksgiving.

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