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How to Groom Your Persian Kitten

We all know that the Persian is the most beautiful member of the feline world! But that beauty does come with a price. In this area, you'll find experts who have the best tips on how to bathe and brush your Persian, along with discussions on the best grooming tools to use. I am also interested in compiling professional groomers in your area. If you know of a good groomer, please let me know.

Grooming your Long-haired Cat

Find out some good tips on how to groom your long-haired cat. Believe it or not, there are a few secrets to grooming a long haired cat that are revealed in this helpful article.

Good Grooming Tools

This article has some helpful ideas on how to make grooming your Persian easier and what are the best tools to use.

Grooming Tips

This article describes the different coats of felines and how best to bathe and comb the coat your cat has. Also included in a long list of good grooming products.

Pet Care Resource

This site has articles that give great ideas for grooming and more general tips on all aspects of pet care, including cat breeding and cat health.

Professional Groomers

Cats in the City is a professional groomer that limits service to one cat at a time. This makes for a less stressful experience for your cat. They also have an "at home" service if needed.

How to Groom Your Persian

This site has a great articles and references to good grooming products for your Persian.

Cat Health and Beauty

A great resource on how to give your Persian a bath and what products are most effective. The site has other helpful articles that deal with cat issues.

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