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NOTICE: I AM NO LONGER BREEDING; HOWEVER - I can highly recommend two breeders who have my lines and are very honest people. Jessie just had two litters. Her website is: www.bellalunapersians.com. Her phone number is 903.231.2124. My other friend is Jenny, and her website is: wwww.sullivanblu.com.

Where do you go when looking for Persian Kittens for sale, or Himalayan Kittens for sale? You want a breeder that will give you not only a healthy and adorable Persian or Himalayan kitten, but the attention and support this important decision deserves. Well, welcome to

We are a CFA Registered cattery from Dallas, Texas, dedicated to bringing these wonderful babies to loving homes.

is registered with both CFA and TICA, and our grown ups come from some of the finest lines from some of the top Persian cat breeders and Himalayan cat breeders in the country today including: Playwicky, Prancenpaws, Madame Nu, Scaatycats, Lake Hyco, Oakheaven, Catley Crue, Tanglebox, Mountainvue, and Wren Brook.

We are a Dallas-based teeny tiny home cattery of Himalayan and Persian kittens, and that's how our brood has decided to keep it... so is more like an intimate gathering rather than a big bash!!! We wish to stay small not only for the felines' sake, but for the customer's sake. Just like our cats/kittens, each email and phone call receives our complete attention. And this attention has paid off in producing the most wonderful pets.

With regard to what I feed my cats and kittens: it was discovered that many premium brands have corn gluten for their main ingredient. I tried varous premium dry cat foods and have recently returned to Taste of the Wild. With lots of great food, lots of room to explore, and much attention, ours is a happy family that produces very affectionate and happy babies. We hope you will review our Customer Comments.

It's amazing how many different Persians and Himalayans colors there are! We focus on chocolates: chocolate Persian, chocolate point Himalayan, chocolate tortie and lynx; but offer all Persian and Himalayan colors. Whatever the color, type or face of the Persian or Himalayan kitten you're looking for, here at , we are dedicated to bringing lovely Persian and Himalayan kittens that dazzle the eyes and warm the heart together with loving families for years of mutual feline 'heaven'...

This is a PKD/DNA negative cattery. We remain a FeLV/FIP negative cattery, and our written health contract guarantees that we stand behind the health and personality of our babies. We would absolutely replace any kitten should it die of any genetic problems within the first year. Staying so small is imperative to keeping all our breeders and their babies healthy.

We invite your to spend some time on this website as there is lots to learn about owning a Persian or Himalayan cat.

When you bring into your home, you can be confident that the little fur-baby will be healthy, very socialized with purrfect kitty manners, and ready to give you years of joy and affection.

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Himalayan Kittens, Himalayan Kittens for Sale, Himalayan Breeder Himalayan Kittens, Himalayan Kittens for Sale, Himalayan Breeder
Himalayan Kittens, Himalayan Kittens for Sale, Himalayan Breeder

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Himalayan Kittens, Himalayan Kittens for Sale, Himalayan Breeder



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I have one young adult, Edith available.

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